19th May, 2023


Today, we’re delighted to announce our launch into the United States with brand activations in California universities, including the University of Southern California, the University of California, Los Angeles, and the University of California, Berkeley.

Off the heels of the rapid growth in the UK, we have been working collectively to offer the solution to the current industry problems of inauthenticity and lack of transparency.

“Fr. App is designed to be filter-free sequel stories sharing app for Gen Z users to cultivate strong and genuine friendships with their close friends no matter where they are in the world,” said Anna Lee, Founder of Fr. App. “Through our research, we have found that Gen Z social app users are keen on wanting to nurture special bonds with their close friends or loved ones to share real-life stories together.”

The campaign’s success has led to more than 30 weekly events on various university campuses with growing favour from students in prestigious Californian universities such as UCLA, USC, and UC Berkeley. It introduces the innovative features of Fr. App, particularly the SEQUEL feature, to Gen Z students. This feature allows friends to strengthen their bond by adding sequel stories to build each other’s stories with diverse perspectives collaboratively. Additionally, the campaign highlights Fr. App’s HOME SCREEN widget, which facilitates seamless communication and real-time updates within the network of genuine friends.

We’re expanding the Student Elite Representative (SER) network to build further awareness of our mission and promote our goal of fostering genuine friendships. Together as a team, we have also partnered with more than nine student brand ambassadors who exhibit exceptional leadership and enthusiasm in our mission of building friendships that matter.

It’s been a delight for us to see a lively and friendly atmosphere across the campuses of UCLA, USC, and UC Berkeley, as student attendees engage in various fun activities and explore Fr. App’s SEQUEL feature. Our mission of fostering genuine connections and cultivating authentic friendships is gaining momentum as we expand our presence in the United States.


About Fr. App

Fr. App is a filter-free social media platform founded in 2020 by two London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) alums setting out to fight filters and build a social network for real. Based out of London, Fr. App now has over 4 million Gen Z users worldwide who enjoy living in real-life moments without filters. With the app prioritising the nurturing of genuine friendships, Fr. App key features centre around SEQUEL, which encourages users to add sequel stories to build each other’s real-life moments with their own take, and WIDGET, which allows seamless communication and real-time updates between friends on the smartphone’s Home Screen.