Java Developer, 2+ years

Job Type: Permanent

Position Type:  Full-time

Location: London

Full Job Description

Frog is aiming to provide a fresh communication platform for modern day living. The app is a simple, user friendly and safe way of connecting with friends – no filter, no music, just real. We believe people will make the best connections when being their authentic selves.

What you’ll do/Responsibility

  • Develop back-end APP interface services and management systems according to business needs;
  • Conducting microservices development and research and development of new technology projects;
  • Improve the quality of optimized code through unit testing, automation, and code review;
  • Actively participate in project requirements discussions and make comments and suggestions on the technologies, algorithms and product functions used;
  • Troubleshoot service operation issues, bug fixes, and optimize functions.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

  • Proficient in the Java language, multi-threaded development, data processing, performance optimization on concurrency and garbage collection, etc., master spring related technologies.
  • Proficiency in the use of springboot;
  • Proficiency in the use and tuning of Redis and other related caching technologies;
  • Proficient in Mysql, able to design data models and optimize data performance;
  • Proficient in MQ, able to use its efficient processing system interface and message processing, have a certain understanding of large log processing;
  • Understand the technology related to video and image processing, and be able to carry out relevant articulation and development;
  • Proficiency in Linux-related technologies, ability to use and tune tomcat, Nginx and related open source software;
  • Have some experience in the development of microservices and be able to use related services and optimize them.
  • Experience with AWS services
  • Strong self-learning ability, execution ability, strong sense of responsibility, good sense of teamwork and communication skills;

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