29th April, 2023


We’re excited to announce the launch of its Student Elite Representative (SER) program. This initiative is a key milestone to promote our mission and establish a vibrant Fr. App community on high schools and universities campuses. 

Fr. App aims to empower motivated students who identify with our brand’s values and are keen to make a positive impact within their campus communities. As part of the SER program, students will serve as invaluable ambassadors, championing the Fr. App mission and nurturing an active Fr. App network in their respective colleges. 

The SER program offers the following features and benefits: 

  • Representing Fr. App: SERs will act as our brand ambassadors of Fr. App, spreading awareness about our unique approach to fostering authentic friendships. By embodying Fr. App’s values, SERs will contribute to building a supportive and inclusive community on campus. 
  • Leading Brand Campus Activities: SERs will spearhead various brand campus activities, including organizing weekly events, brand activation day, and social gatherings that promote genuine connections and foster meaningful relationships among students. 
  • Gain Valuable Experience: Being a Fr. App SER offers a unique chance for students to gain hands-on experience in marketing, event planning, and community building. This experience will provide them with valuable resume-building opportunities and position them as exceptional candidates for future career prospects. 
  • Paid Internship & Tech Knowledge: we value the commitment and contributions of our SERs and reward eligible participants with a paid internship. SERs will work closely with the Fr. App team, gaining insights into the operations of a vibrant team and staying up to date with the latest tech advancements. 

We believe that the SER program will not only create a more vibrant community, but also provide a wealth of opportunities for students to grow personally and professionally. We’re looking forward to witnessing the unique ways in which our SERs will amplify the Fr. App mission, helping to connect more individuals in authentic friendships, and enriching their campus lives.  


About Fr. App

Fr. App is a sequel stories-sharing social media platform founded in 2020 by two London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) alums setting out to fight filters and build a social network for real. Based out of London, Fr. App now has over 4 million Gen Z users worldwide who enjoy living in real-life moments without filters. With the app prioritising the nurturing of genuine friendships, Fr. App key features centre around SEQUEL, which encourages users to add sequel stories to build each other’s real-life moments with their own take, and WIDGET, which allows seamless communication and real-time updates between friends on the smartphone’s Home Screen.