3rd August, 2023


Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our major app revamp. The updates are set to revolutionise the user experience, prioritising spontaneous sharing through the app’s ‘SUP’ feature and promoting the interaction between best friends. 

In a quest to enhance user experience and make spontaneous storytelling effortless, the interface of the camera page has been simplified and the SUP feature has been highlighted. SUP, standing for ‘what’s up’, encourages users to capture and share their real-life moments on the fly with their friends. The updated interface emphasises this feature, allowing users to effortlessly document and share their authentic experiences, thereby nurturing real connections.  

Taking the ethos of genuine friendships a notch higher, the SUP story feed is now ranked based on the closeness of connections. Stories from best friends are prioritised, followed by friends of friends, fostering an easier and more transparent interaction between real friends. Adding an element of surprise, the SUP stories are masked until users check their friends’ stories. This update not only enhances the thrill of discovery but also strengthens the bonds between friends by providing shared experiences to talk about and laugh over. 

“We are excited to bring these updates to our users,” said Anna Lee, Founder of Fr. App. “Our aim has always been to make online interactions as real and meaningful as possible, and this revamp takes us one step closer to this goal. We believe that these changes will further foster the essence of real-life connections and make interaction between real friends easier and more transparent.”

Users are invited to explore the new interface and enjoy the heightened fun and engagement that comes with these updates. 


About Fr. App

Fr. App is a sequel stories-sharing social media platform founded in 2020 by two London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) alums setting out to fight filters and build a social network for real. Based out of London, Fr. App now has over 4 million Gen Z users worldwide who enjoy living in real-life moments without filters. With the app prioritising the nurturing of genuine friendships, Fr. App key features centre around SEQUEL, which encourages users to add sequel stories to build each other’s real-life moments with their own take, and WIDGET, which allows seamless communication and real-time updates between friends on the smartphone’s Home Screen.