We hope our users to have a positive experience on Frog and that includes being as safe as possible.

That’s why we provide a number of safety features in the app, including community guidelines, technical tools and human moderators who keep a close eye on things.

Our five-step approach puts user safety at the heart of the Frog app and we’re always looking for ways to improving it even more.

Step 1: Sign Up

Frog users must be aged 12 and above, who under that must have parental permission.

Step 2: Profile Settings

Frog users can choose to turn off the Online Pop so that froggers can’t add you from Online Pop and choose Friends Only option to keep your profile only visible to your friends.

Step 3: Community Guidelines

To keep the Frog community as friendly and safe as possible, we have rules about harmful, inappropriate and illegal content.

Step 4: Technical Tools & Moderation

We use innovative technology and human moderators to detect videos and user information that violates our community rules.

Step 5: Blocking & Reporting

It’s easy for our users and their families to block other users and report concerns about Frog using the icon within the app.

Looking ahead

We’re also working with experts to develop our safety tools, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other techniques.